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How to Attend an Event and Make a Fabulous Impression of Yourself and Your Business

How to Attend an Event and Make a Fabulous Impression | The Lady-like Leopard

Attending an awards evenings or a conference can be lots of fun. It’s a chance to meet up with colleagues and it’s also a great way of networking. However, award evenings and conferences are also really busy and they can feel frantic as everyone shouts to be heard or noticed. If we are to get the most out an event—and this could be applied to life in general—then we need to make sure that we are noticed too. I’ve attended many events in my career. So, I’ve created a few tips on how to attend an event and make a fabulous impression. After all, you want to be remembered. Right?

How to Attend an Event and Make a Fabulous Impression

How to Attend an Event and Make a Fabulous Impression | The Lady-like Leopard

Be proud of your website

When you meet someone for the first time they will ask you about your blog. It’s inevitable. You need to be ready to answer the question, “What is your blog all about?” I recently attended a panel discussion where bloggers were unable to answer what sets them apart. It’s crucial to be able to describe what your blog is about and how you make it individual to you.

Have your elevator pitch ready. This is how you will you sell your blog quickly and effectively! What makes your blog different from all of the other blogs out there? Why should they read your blog? Before you go to the conference you need to make sure that your blog is looking the best it can, too. Make sure it’s loading properly and that all the relevant links on are working. Are you proud of it? Does it represent you?

Generously share those business cards

Conferences are normally very busy and as a result, very noisy. This means that it can be hard making yourself heard. We can’t all walk around with a conference audio visual and that’s why a business card can come in handy. Give out a business card and people will remember you later on. However, you need to make sure that your business card is perfect and you want it to stand out from the thousands of other cards.

Get online and design a business card that’s unique to you. You don’t have to go for a Plain Jane standard card. You could go for a square one or for one with rounded corners. Your card should be attractive enough to stand out. Make sure that you have your contact information on there and all relevant social media handles. You might also want to include a tagline for what your website is about. A good business card will tell everyone that you mean business and that you take what you do seriously.

How to Attend an Event and Make a Fabulous Impression | The Lady-like Leopard

Dress to impress—and to make an impression

First impressions count and you want that first impression to be the right one. Think about what you are going to wear. You want to feel comfortable but you will also want to look stylish. Feeling good in what you’re wearing will also help you feel more confident. Therefore, don’t leave planning what you’re going to wear until the last minute. Have a trial run and check that you are happy with your outfit. You want to stand out from the crowd—but for the right reasons!

Research the event beforehand

A big tip when learning how to attend an event is to research the attendees. That way you can make sure you attend the sessions that are most relevant for you and that you speak to the people who you think will be of interest to you and your website. Maybe there is someone going who you really admire. They might work in your niche and are doing really well. It would be a good idea to speak to them and to learn from them and find out what they are doing that is working so well for them.

If you follow these four simple steps you will learn how to attend an event feeling confident, in charge and ready to be heard. However, we shouldn’t forget the final and most important step—remember to have fun!

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