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Completely Shake Up Your Look with These Quick Makeovers

Completely Shake Up Your Look with These Quick Makeovers | The Lady-like Leopard

If you were to give a girl a magic lamp with a generous Genie ready to burst out of the spout and offer them three wishes, what do you think she’d wish for? Probably along the lines of 1) world peace, 2) this weeks lottery numbers and 3) quick makeovers that will completely shake up their look! The reason for the latter is simple: we live in a day and age where being different is everything. We just aren’t afraid of change at all, not in the slightest.

However, there is one thing that we are still a little bit hesitant of and that is permanence. It’s not that we are afraid to commit to anything, it is just that we know our mind tends to change very quickly. We just want to have a quick change, see what trends suit us and then enjoy them for a bit until something else peaks our fancy.

With that in mind, we have come up with a list of quick makeovers that can completely transform you without making you stick to it come rain or shine. Enjoy.

Shake Up Your Look with These Quick Makeovers

Completely Shake Up Your Look with These Quick Makeovers | The Lady-like Leopard Blog

A new twist on the classic

You know that old-fashioned manicure look you’ve always taken the mick out of your mum for, well, it is kind of coming back. We’re talking about nails with a little white strip at the end. But instead of admitting defeat and being laughed at, why not give your hand and nail care a twist and show up with nails where the little white strip has been painted a bold colour – yellow, aqua, turquoise.

Gateway to the soul

One of the most standout definitions of any person is their eyes. But wouldn’t it be amazing to experience life with a different coloured iris? Just for a bit. Simply by having fun with some coloured contact lenses. We all have a crush on people that have dark skin tones and blue eyes, or red heads that have green eyes, or blondes that have dark and mysterious eyes, and that is because they are so rare. But what if you could join their elusive ranks? Talk about a quick and easy statement. 

Longer locks are a must

There is something incredibly sexy about a chick with long, luscious locks. Don’t get us wrong, there is something incredibly sexy about pixie cuts too, but that is a drastic decision that we’re not able to commit to thanks to our commitment issues. That’s why we recommend you sneak a little set of clip on extensions into your wardrobe. Just make sure the colour and texture matches and no one will know. Or they will know, but they’ll be immensely jealous anyway.

Go with matching looks

We’re not talking about a simple matching your shoes and your bag jobby here, we’re talking about matching your makeup to your outfit. How far you go is up to you but it is a serious statement that will pop if you get it right. Just think about it, eye shadow that matches your shoes, lips that match the stripes on your dress, nails that match your belt. After all, the possibilities are absolutely endless.

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