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5 Ways to Vacation Like a Local in Jackson, Wyoming

5 Ways to Vacation Like a Local in Jackson, Wyoming | The Lady-like Leopard

When we go on a trip, sometimes we get too caught up in visiting the popular tourist attractions, like the Statue of Liberty in New York City or the Space Needle in Seattle. But do you think people who live there all year round make an effort to go see those places? That’s why we want to vacation like a local in Jackson, Wyoming.

Jackson attracts tourists from all over the United States. People love seeing the elk antler arches, the many national parks, and the mountain resorts. But where do the locals hang out? After a trip to Jackson, it’s easy to see why locals call it Neverland. Here’s why you will, too.

5 Ways to Vacation Like a Local in Jackson, Wyoming

5 Ways to Vacation Like a Local in Jackson, Wyoming | The Lady-like Leopard
Photo: Unsplash

1. Go Horseback Riding at Mill Iron Ranch

Mill Iron Ranch is the perfect place to immerse yourself in a little local culture. It carries on old cowboy traditions and has been a family-owned ranch for four generations. At Mill Iron Ranch, you can experience the most authentic horseback ride up beautiful terrain with unparalleled scenery of beautiful Jackson, Wyoming.

2. Check Out the Grand Teton Music Festival

Locals flock to the Grand Teton Music Festival to check out the soothing sounds of classical music. Although classical music is the main attraction, the festival also features bluegrass guitar, jazz, and more. Since 1962, the seven-week festival has been celebrating solo artists and musical groups and the incredible music they make. The festival is a great way to meet and mingle with locals and find out more about their go-to spots.

5 Ways to Vacation Like a Local in Jackson, Wyoming | The Lady-like Leopard
Photo: Unsplash

3. Take a Boat Across Lake Jenny

The earlier you hop on a 10-minute boat ride to Grand Teton National Park across Lake Jenny, the less touristy it’ll be. Taking the boat is also a much more scenic way to get to the park. There are plenty of day treks from the park, including the Hidden Falls trail, Lupine Meadows up to Amphitheater Lake, and Paintbrush Canyon.

4. Grab a Burger and Groceries at Bodega

If you’re truly vacationing like a local in Jackson, you’ll want to see where the locals eat and maybe cook a few meals of your own. That’s all possible at Bodega. This place has beer, wine, burgers, groceries, ice cream, and more. Odds are that if you can think about it, Bodega has it. This spot feels like a New York City market with the hometown charm of Jackson.

5. Take in Incredible Views with the Sweetwater Gondola

Yes, this seems a bit touristy, but with the recent reopening of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s Sweetwater Gondola, everyone wants to get in on it. In the winter, skiers can get in a little extra skiing, while those on foot in the summertime can get access to hiking, running trails, and incredible views.

The only catch with vacationing like a local in Jackson, Wyoming, is not having your own house to go home to. However, you can still have a four-star hotel to check into. Check out the best deals on hotels in Jackson Hole to complete your stay.

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