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Following Fashion with What You Already Have in Your Closet

If you take a look into your closet, I’m sure you’ve got a few winners in your wardrobe. Here’s how to keep current with your old clothes.

Wardrobe Winners | The Lady-like Leopard Blog

As a fashion lover, it can constantly feel like your budget can’t stretch to your desires. There’s always a new trend to try out or a new pair of shoes you just have to have. But what about things that you already own? You might have a few wardrobe winners that you’ve completely forgotten about. 

The fashion that we are meant to covet is usually expensive. The equivalent of a month’s rent for a single pair of shoes? It seems insane. Then we see the shoes, the beauty of the curved lines and heels that will make our legs look ten times longer, and all of a sudden it seems more reasonable. Or does it?

Inevitably, there are moments when we really, really can’t afford the things we want. Fashion is a world that constantly moves and it seems like a lot of the time, only the super-wealthy can keep up with the trendiest and most expensive items on the hot list.

For the rest of us, we make do with what we can as the styles change and we try to make our closets keep up – and try to find those winners that you already have. 

This is not something to worry about though! In fact, it should be celebrated – because not having the money to follow fashion religiously gives you a chance to do something else: be creative. When you have to think outside the box for every outfit you wear, you encourage yourself to be truly experimental.

So if you have found yourself splurging on expensive pieces, then not having enough for rent and wondering “will I have to sell my Rolex today so I can pay my bills?” – stop the cycle now! Instead, introduce yourself to a world where what’s in your wardrobe is sufficient – you’ve just not been using it right.

Following Fashion with Your Wardrobe Winners

Wardrobe Winners | The Lady-like Leopard Blog
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Adapt your clothing

Say back in the 00s you had a pair of jeans that you loved. They fit like a glove and you felt fantastic in them. They were the perfect fit on both your waist and hips – really, how often does that happen?!

The only problem is that they’re bootcutFashion has trended away from the style, but you still love the jeans. They still look great on – from the knee up, anyway. The same applies to skirts as the fashionable length moves up and down the leg constantly.

Repurpose them with the help of a good tailor. Switching from bootcut to skinny is a small job that will cost a lot less than a new pair of jeans. Skirt and dress hemlines can be raised with ease; lowering is a little trickier, but it can be done. You can breathe new, fashionable life into your wardrobe this way.

Try A Simple Base

Cultivate a set of simple base outfits, which you can then layer new fashions onto. A pair of jeans and a plain shirt; a black dress; a skirt and cardigan combination. Keep the colours neutral so they work with anything. Then, when the new season colour or trend comes around, swap in a few accessories to keep things looking up to date. The same foundation of the outfit remains, but you only have to spend on a few pieces rather than a whole ensemble.

Wear whatever you like

Want to wear something from former fashion glory days without altering it? Then do so. If anyone asks, just tell them it’s early vintage. It takes confidence to pull this off, but it’ll make your wardrobe timeless in one fell swoop.

This is one of my favourite way to dress anyways. I really don’t care what’s “on trend” at the moment. If I like it, I’ll wear it and that’s all there is to it.

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This ‘Wardrobe Winners’ post was contributed to The Lady-like Leopard. Sex and the City photos: Pinterest.



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