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When in Sweden, Do as the Swedes Do—and Skip the Tropical Vacation

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Sweden is widely hailed as being one of the most attractive places to visit in Europe. Even despite the worrying growth of censorship in the country. It has a lot to offer tourists interested in exploring its culture as heritage, as well as experiencing the Swedish lifestyle for themselves. A Swedish vacation can be an excellent choice for your next getaway.

Here is just a sample of the stuff you can get up to on your next trip. (Or should I say Swedish vacation?)

Head on a Swedish Vacation this Winter

swedish vacation

Canal Cruises

If you fancy a bit of a Venetian experience, even though you’re a long way from the mild waters of Venice, you can still do so in Sweden. Visitors can take a cruise on the MS Ceres, a boat that travels along the Gota Canal. The canal was constructed way back in the 19th century to connect Gothenburg with the Baltic Sea. As a result, it runs for more than 382 miles, meaning that it takes around two days to travel down. You can pick up a tour in either Stockholm or Gothenburg.


Being near to the Arctic circle, Sweden is home to all sorts of unusual and interesting wildlife you don’t ordinarily get to see. One of the best spots is the Harjedalen Valley right in the centre of the country. It’s home to Sweden’s only herd of wild musk oxen, which can be seen grazing along the valley floor when the weather is warm enough. Travel further north to lapland, and you’ll find more creatures, like elk, buzzards, and even an arctic lynx if you’re lucky enough.


Scandinavian countries are famous for their relaxing pastimes. Swedish massage isn’t called “Swedish” in Sweden, it’s just called “classic.” It’s a massage technique that focuses on getting blood circulating around the body again by following the veins back to the heart. Massage parlours can be found in every single major Swedish town, including tourist hotspots like Malmo.

swedish vacation


Sweden has more than 97,500 lakes, many of which were carved out at the end of the last ice age by retreating glaciers. The best and most beautiful lakes can be found in the Swedish Lakeland area, a region that stretches out west of Gothenburg city and encompasses large chunks of the Baltic coast as well as Uppsala. All through the region are old castles and small villages to explore.


Stockholm, being a socialist city, isn’t particularly friendly to motor vehicles. Bicycles on the other hand are everywhere, and they’re one of the best ways to see the town. There are multiple places to hire bikes allowing you to explore the Gamla Stan – the Old Town – with ease, as well as the city’s magnificent Stadshuset or city hall.


It might surprise you to find out that somewhere as cold as Sweden has beaches, but it does. The best place to find them is on the country’s west coast, near to Norway. Here there are dozens of little inlets and coves all waiting to be explored by intrepid travellers. Swimming and sunbathing are fun (except perhaps in the winter), but there are also opportunities to do activities like waterskiing and windsurfing. Find a centre and hire out the equipment and start having fun.

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