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The UK Fashion Trends to Wear this Season—and Carry Through to the Next

Tyler Joe london street style photos

It seems as if there is a new trend on a daily basis. Something new today is out tomorrow or a week from now. So, what’s in now? What hot looks are celebrities wearing? These are a few of the top UK fashion trends of 2016 which are currently fresh, on the streets and seem to be making all the buzz in the fashion world.

The UK Fashion Trends of 2016 to Wear Right Now

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Denim on denim, black on black, linen on linen. You choose the fabric, the finish, and colour, and layer it over the same bottom (and top). Denim jeans with a denim halter top. White tee with a white linen skirt. You’ll see it on the runways – and on some of the busiest streets in the UK as well.

UK fashion trends of 2016 the lady-like leopard toronto fashion blogger

The jumpsuit

It seems to have trumped the classic cocktail dress. Classy, chic, can dress it up or down, and it has a casual feel and vibe. Plus, its far more comfortable to wear, and offers the mobility and free range of motion form fitting dresses don’t afford you.

Tyler Joe london street style photos


Metallic prints are in. Dresses, sequins, layers, you choose the style, fit, and fabric, and you are likely to fit into any room, party, or social gathering with the right metallic finish and styles during this summer season.

lfw_ss17_day3_101 Tyler Joe via elle.com uk fashion trends

Prim style

Posy prints, floral prints, gingham, and styles which were “dated” for a while, have made the comeback and are popular again in the UK. Not only are designers bringing them back, they are all the rave with top designer brands, and various styles of clothing.

lfw_ss17_day3_088 Tyler Joe via elle.com uk fashion trends

No matter what style you like, chic or elegant, casual and laid back or formal, there are several unique styles to wear during the summer months. There are loads of online retailers and catalogues which offer some of the trends of 2016 at reasonable prices. These are some of the distinct styles which are making their way back into the fashion world and buzz in the UK.

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This post was contributed to The Lady-like Leopard. All London Fashion Week street style photos by Tyler Joe via elle.com.


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