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How to Avoid Wearing the Same Look Over and Over Again

outfit repeating - the lady-like leopard

Outfit repeating can be a real struggle for people who work in social jobs. Events here, events there – how does your wardrobe keep up?! It can be totally embarrassing to be caught wearing the same exact outfit too close together (or even at all). I mean, everyone remembers what happened in Lizzie McGuire, right?

I’ve definitely run into the outfit repeating dilemma a few times myself. Especially when I’ve just bought a really amazing piece and I want to wear it over and over and over again. But I can’t. It can honestly be heartbreaking.

I attend a lot of events, which means I need outfits. Lots of outfits. I wouldn’t say I don’t have options – thanks to my shopping addiction – but even I get stumped.

There’s nothing wrong with outfit repeating. You just have to know the ways to disguise it.

How to Avoid (or Conceal) Outfit Repeating

outfit repeating - the lady-like leopard

1. Invest in outerwear

That way, you can wear the same dress multiple times but give it a different look depending on what kind of outerwear you’re sporting. Leather bomber? Vintage denim? Structured bolero? Each piece of outerwear will transform your look completely.

2. Use accessories to your advantage

A white tee and denim can breeze from lunch with girlfriends to drinks on a date simply by throwing on a statement necklace or earrings. Check out some great pieces from Shop for Jayu. If you’re more into keeping it simple, I love the accessories from Oak + Fort.

3. Lean towards separates

It’s much easier to get away with outfit repeating with skirts and tops than it is with a dress. Plus, it’s kind of fun to keep mixing and matching – you’ll literally double your options if you put that top with this skirt and blah, blah, blah.

outfit repeating - the lady-like leopard

4. Choose a great pair of shoes

Hello? Who’s even going to be noticing what you’re wearing if you have an amazing pair of statement heels on your feet? Or this seasons new metallic sneakers? Shoes can go a long way in changing up the whole vibe of a look.

5. Don’t take any photos

You know what they say: “If there’s no photos, it didn’t happen.” Usually I’m not a fan of this mentality because sometimes I just don’t feel like documenting every move I make. But in this case it’s perfect. No one will know a thing about your outfit repeating if there’s no proof.

Now, I’ve got a question for you. How would you style up the dress I’m wearing in the photo above to avoid outfit repeating?!

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