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OUTFIT UPGRADE | How to take your dress from zero to a hundred with one switch

When we get out a dress to wear for a night out, we are often not overwhelmed with our appearance when we look in the mirror. The dress might look okay, but you want to look fantastic during that night out. (Obviously!) Or maybe you wear this dress all the time and want to switch it up. That’s when an outfit upgrade comes in pretty handy. 

You might be surprised, but one item can change your entire look. The more ways to wear your favourite outfit, the better! Right? Here are some simple ways to make that dress go from meh to stunning!

OUTFIT UPGRADE | Take your outfit from ‘ok’ to ‘wow’

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Choose a great pair of shoes

One simple way you can make the dress look stunning is by choosing a great pair of shoes. You can easily improve the outfit if the shoes are to die for. If you are wearing your LBD you should be going for a brightly coloured pair of shoes so that it adds some color to your outfit. You should wear heels as well as it will make you look thinner in your dress. You need to think carefully when it comes to your shoes as it can make or break your outfit.

Accessorize with jewelry

Another simple way to make that dress go from okay to stunning is to accessorize with jewelry. You should pick out a statement piece which will receive a lot of compliments during your night out. You should go for something unique that will draw attention. You could choose a unique stone to help your outfit look fantastic. You can customize your opal into jewelry so that you have a custom piece that has been handmade by jewellers. It will definitely help your outfit to wow everyone.

Consider getting it tailored

You should also consider getting your dress tailored if you want to make it go from okay to stunning. A lot of the time when we buy a dress it doesn’t fit correctly and won’t make the most of our figure. As we said before, a well-cut black dress will set you apart from everyone else. Therefore, look into a tailor to help your dress to look amazing. It doesn’t cost that much, and a simple fix will help to make you look fantastic.

Customize the dress

Another simple way to make your dress go from okay to stunning is to customize the dress. You should look into buying a beautiful belt which will help show off your waist. You could get a bright coloured belt to help to make you stand out from the crowd. You could look into adding a fun collar if there isn’t one there already. As you can see here, you can easily make a collar to add to your dress to help it look fantastic.

Add some fun tights

You should consider wearing some fun tights if you want to transform your dress. You could choose a pair of sparkly tights to add some glamor to your outfit. You could choose a brightly coloured pair if you want to make a statement. Make sure they fit you well so that you look great in the dress!

Remember to make sure it’s ironed to perfection if you want it to look fantastic. It will ruin your whole look if there are creases all over the dress!

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