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5 Beauty Products you Didn’t Know You Could Pack in Your Carry-On

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When you’re trying to travel light and only bring a carry-on suitcase, it can be difficult to figure out what you can actually pack – no one wants to have their bags double searched and have their favourite lotions tossed away. With the help of beauty essentials from Travel Beauty, I’ve rounded up 5 products you can pack in your carry-on.

Don’t let the size of product packaging fool you! Sometimes a jar of moisturizer can seem like it would be excessively large but can measure in at only 99.9ml (the limit is a strict 100ml). Thankfully, with these products you won’t have to think twice.

5 Travel Beauty Products You Can Pack in Your Carry-On

1. Sapelo Skin Care – rejuvenating cream, $240, 50.28ml
This oil based cream would be perfect to bring on a flight to rejuvenate your skin after all that recycled air. Best of all, the lid can be screwed on extra tight so there’s no worry about it leaking in your bag. (The worst!)

2. Arimino – bamboo moisture veil, $33, 78.96ml
This amazing moisture veil locks in hydration to your locks to keep your hair healthy and to fight frizz. I don’t know about you, but my hair is always a disaster when I get off a plane – definitely need a bottle of this in my carry-on!

3. Lavido – purifying facial cleanser, $29, 99.95ml
This one is a close call – it’s only under by .1 of a millilitre! But you’ll be fine going through customs. It opens up your pores and thoroughly cleanses your face for a deep clean which is something we can all use right after a flight.

4. Heaven Skincare – silver bee venom mask, $91, 29.57ml
This unique mask uses actual venom from bees to help tighten, calm and rejuvenate your skin – also known as “Beetox”. Heaven Skincare’s bee venom mask comes in two different sizes but they’re both under the 100ml travel limit.

5. B. Kamins Laboratories – lip balm, $19, 14.79ml
If you’re anything like me and your lips get super dry on a flight, then lip balm is always a must to bring with you! It also has SPF 20 in it so if you’re heading to a sunny location, it’s the perfect balm to bring.

Check out more products that you can pack in your carry-on from Travel Beauty here. Enjoy looking beautiful on your next flight!

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