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How I Got to Style Mya in Atelier Guarin for Two Toronto Concerts

Miss Mya Atelier Guarin The Lady-like Leopard

They say when opportunity knocks, you should answer the door. Well, in this case, I answered a tweet and ended up styling Miss Mya for her show in Toronto in head-to-vegan-shoe custom Atelier Guarin. Sebastian, the designer behind Atelier Guarin, and I were beyond excited to get the chance to dress one of our favourite singers – and hang out with her backstage!

Long story short, I tweeted about how I couldn’t stop listening to Mya’s new album, Smoove Jones, and she retweeted me! From there Sebastian was in touch with her manager and before you know it we were being invited to Mya’s soundcheck to have her try on whatever outfits we thought would be good – A.K.A. some custom-made Atelier Guarin.

I’ll admit, I definitely had butterflies in my stomach when Mya was walking up to the venue. She was even more stunning in person! I had been in a craze, trying on about 50 different outfits before making my way to meet the Lady Marmalade singer – you know, trying to find the coolest “Mya Approved” #ootd.

It’s not like me to be so indecisive about what I want to wear. Thankfully, I got my sharp outfit senses back by the time we had to dress Mya.

mya wears atelier guarin with melina morry in toronto - the lady-like leopard

Sebastian made a custom watermelon pink gown for Mya’s Friday night show (it was a charity benefit for victims of abuse so we needed something classy and elegant) and for the 2nd night we got her styled up in a lace + neoprene shirt, leather mini skirt – both Atelier Guarin – and some of Mya’s own over-the-knee boots.

She looked gorgeous! That’s obvious though, she always does.

I was really impressed with how sweet, humble and down-to-earth Mya was. It felt like we were just hanging out with an old friend at home getting ready for a night out. We talked and laughed about everything from strange foods we’ve eaten overseas to where to get the best vegan heels. It felt very comfortable and I hope we get the chance to work with Mya again!

Mya wears Atelier Guarin: Look 1

mya wears atelier guarin in toronto - the lady-like leopard

mya wears atelier guarin in toronto - the lady-like leopard

Mya wears Atelier Guarin: Look 2

mya wears atelier guarin in toronto - the lady-like leopard

mya wears atelier guarin in toronto - the lady-like leopard

To sum up how great this was for me, when I texted my sister about getting to style Mya she wrote back: omg your childhood dream come true! It’s true, I’ve been a huge Mya fan for a long time – and will be for even longer.

Thanks to Mya for having faith in mine and Sebastian’s styling skills and trusting our outfit opinions! Everyone check out Mya’s new album Smoove Jones here.

Which was your favourite look?! Tweet to me at @ladylikeleopard.

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