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STYLISH NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS | The most stylish me yet and more

stylish new years resolutions - the lady-like leopard by melina morry

I’ve never been one for making drastic New Years resolutions. (Whether they’re stylish new years resolutions or not.) Do I honestly think just because it’s a brand new year that I’m going to be able to fit in six gym sessions a week instead of three or four? No. Come on, I have a life and it doesn’t revolve around a treadmill.

It might revolve around food though because in the past few days I’ve been to Hello Kitty Diner where I enjoyed a burger, fries and “freakshake” and tonight I’m going to Miss Peaches for some soul food – so maybe I should hop on the treadmill more often. Anyways, working out is already a habit in my life so it doesn’t need to be considered any sort of resolution.

STYLISH NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS | The most stylish me yet and more


I’m thinking more along the lines of improving myself rather than trying to change myself. You know what I mean? I’ve been into this positive mumbo jumbo lately and have been really starting to think about positive self-talk and all that jazz. It’s actually pretty useful.

So, this year I’d like to:

  • Beautify myself from the inside out. Get rid of negative thinking and self-talk and love myself unconditionally.
  • Be mindful of what I put into my body – you know, since it’s the only one I’ve got and all. Like, drink more water (without the vodka, lime and soda), eat more veggies, maybe learn to cook a bit but I don’t want to overdo myself.
  • Use less social media and be more present with the people I’m with – and that includes technology too, like wearing my headphones less and engaging more with strangers. You never know who you might meet!
  • Push myself farther out of my comfort zone. As if moving across the world and back again and then to a city where I didn’t know anyone wasn’t a push outta that good ol’ comfort zone.
  • Present myself to the world as my best self. I’ve been really conscious lately about buying less and choosing well. That way I have my clothes for longer and aren’t contributing as much to the fast-fashion industry and ultimately our landfills.



There we have it. The list might seem long but I know it’s achievable. These are things to work on every day and not just for the first few months of the year. I’ll check back in with you on December 31st and see how well I did with my stylish new years resolutions.


black dress | KOOKAI
black coat | LE CHATEAU
black mules | CALL IT SPRING
gold ring | LE CHATEAU
assorted rings from a Peruvian market

Also, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who reads The Lady-like Leopard and who has helped me get to where I am today. I’m really thankful and appreciate you guys more than you know. Here’s to a phenomenal 2016!

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