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The Paralysis of Choice—From Your Closet to Your Life

paralysis of choice | the lady-like leopard

Over smoked salmon and poached eggs the other morning with a couple girlfriends, we discussed the troubles of having too many options in life – otherwise known as ‘paradox of choice’. I’d been struggling with too many choices of my own but this was the first time I heard of it actually having a name! Also, I prefer to call it the paralysis of choice.

Think of how much easier (albeit boring) it must have been back in the day when you didn’t have to think about what you were going to do, you just knew you had only a few career options and would probably settle down into family life before that anyways.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about that freedom of choice and female power, but I’m just saying – I bet paralysis of choice didn’t exist back then. There just weren’t as many (acceptable) options.

The Paralysis of Choice—From Your Closet to Your Life

Recently I’ve been faced with the realization of paralysis of choice in more than one situation in my life: my career and my closet. I’ve been so preoccupied with what I want to do, where I want to work, what country I want to work in and where I ultimately want to live that I completely disregarded my wardrobe as another huge paralysis!

This is hard for me to even admit because my love for shopping is so strong but, yes, too many clothes in the closet ultimately is a paralysis of choice too.

There, I said it.

For example, back in my apartment in Toronto I have a closet and two free-standing racks of clothes that I bounce between trying to find my best #ootd. Here in Sydney with only half a suitcase of clothes, I go to my closet and make it work. 

It was hard at first but now I’ve come to realize that the top I’m wearing in the photos in this post goes with 60% of my bottoms, those jeans work really well with sandals, sneakers and heels and the white Atelier Guarin coat literally goes with everything. It’s a win, win, win.

So my advice to you is to narrow your options down – big time. You’ll start to see how it ultimately makes your life a bit easier. Except your closet. I just used that as an example but I’d never permanently narrow my wardrobe down. Are you kidding me?


grey halter top | TOPSHOP
light blue denim (distressed by me) | H&M
white neoprene coat | ATELIER GUARIN
white strappy sandals | CALL IT SPRING

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