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My First Real (and Embarrassing) Experience in Virtual Reality at VR Playin Toronto

VR Playin Toronto | The Lady-like Leopard

If you’ve never experienced virtual reality, you might have a completely different idea of what it is. Take me for example. I’ve put on a headset and looked around a 360° photo/video before. (I once “interacted” in a 360° video hosted by Stan Lee at TIFF which was kind of cool.) But that’s not real virtual reality. At least, not according to me. 

What I experienced at VR Playin Toronto was a completely different story: games.

I’ll admit, I was terrified at first. One of my biggest hangups with virtual reality is not knowing what’s going on around me in the real world. Especially in an arcade full of people! The first time I put on the headset and grabbed the controls, I had a mini panic attack. Like, ripping everything off and having the blood drain from my face kind of panic attack.  

Yes, it was embarrassing. But I got over it. 

VR Playin Toronto | The Lady-like Leopard
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After a quick breath of fresh air outside (and a 2nd glass of wine) I was good to try again. Seriously guys, it really freaked me out at first. But you know I’m not one to let a little fear get in my way. So, on the headset went again and into the virtual world I travelled. This time to protect my castle from angry stickmen!

Once I got the hang of it, I had a lot of fun. I can honestly say that I’m looking forward to my next venture into virtual reality. And those who know me know that’s not something I’d usually say. 

But as the world advances, industries merge and what wouldn’t have normally gone together in the past is coming together in full force now. Think about fashion and virtual reality. Did you know that Dior created their very own headset? I mean, that was a while ago but still. Even Pharrell is singing about virtual reality now!

VR Playin Toronto | The Lady-like Leopard
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So, in the end, I’d give VR Playin Toronto two virtual thumbs up. They’ve created a space that’s welcoming for beginners (and kids) and eases you into another world. They have 18 VR gaming stations and an extensive variety of games to choose from – no matter what your interest is.

Stations range from $29 to $39 per hour, depending on the time of day. You can even host an event there for up to 60 people! For more info on how to book, check out their site here.

VR Playin Toronto | The Lady-like Leopard

Thanks for having me to your grand opening, guys! I had a blast.

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