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Welcome to My First Edition of Leopard Letters!

Leopard Letters May 2017 | The Lady-like Leopard by Toronto-based fashion writer Melina Morry

Hi guys! Welcome to my first ever Leopard Letters! This is where I’m going to write a monthly recap about what’s happening with The Lady-like Leopard, myself and whatever else I think you’ll find interesting. Kind of like a more in-depth version of my life than you’d get from what I post on social (which to be honest, isn’t that personal).

There’s always lots on my mind and I need somewhere to let it all out. Especially since reading that journaling is actually really good for you, I thought this was the perfect way. I’ve actually been keeping a journal on and off since I was 7. But that’s another story.

This past month there’s been quite a few things going on. It’s going to be hard to keep it short and sweet but I’ll try my best. Enjoy!

Leopard Letters | The Lady-like Leopard by Melina Morry

LEOPARD LETTERS: Saying no for your brand

I’ve been coming across a lot of posts lately about how saying no to opportunities is actually a key part of building your brand. Seems kind of weird, right? No. (Yes, I did that on purpose.) Have you seen those bloggers/websites that post about so many random brands and topics that it’s hard to know what their focus is? That’s what I’m talking about.

Consistency is key. Without a consistent feed, blog, photos and whatever else, how are people supposed to know what to keep an eye out for or look forward to? They won’t. It’ll be a big mess. So, sometimes what we need to do is say no. No, that brand isn’t a good fit for my blog. Or no, I don’t want to change the way I post to fit in.

Something that’s really important to me is not losing sight of why I started blogging in the first place. And not losing sight of myself. Being true to myself and the brand I’ve built is an essential part of why I do what I do. You know what I always say, a leopard doesn’t change its spot for anyone. 

So if an opportunity just doesn’t feel right, it’s okay to turn it down. Just say no. You’ll be thankful later.

The roaring 20s dancing. Leopard Letters | The Lady-like Leopard by Melina Morry

LEOPARD LETTERS: The unveiling of the Crystal Ballroom

One of my favourite events this month was the unveiling of the Crystal Ballroom at the King Edward Hotel. It was the bees knees! You know, as they’d say in 1920s lingo. I went with my friend Stephan of Why I Love Toronto and we ate, drank and mingled our way through a night of the faux roaring 20s. Both of us were in awe of the entire party.

They got everything just right. From the champagne tower to the beef wellington and chocolate bars, it felt like we truly had been transported to another era. One that I wish I could have experienced in real life. But, I guess a party every now and then will have to do.

If you could travel back to one era for a week, a day, a month – where would you go?

LEOPARD LETTERS: My first wedding (sort of)

In April, I experienced my first time going to a wedding as an adult and being in a wedding party! I was maid of honour for my friend Kateryna, who I met when I moved to Toronto three years ago. It was a super fun albeit stressful experience (more for me than her, actually). Probably the most stressful part was trying to find the perfect dress. Do you even realize how exhausting wedding dress shopping is?!

Everything ended up going off without a hitch. Well, except the bride and groom. And maybe my speech. I really didn’t want to give one. But how could I say no?! Believe me, I tried. It was a thousand times worse than any Bridesmaids moment. Well, then again, I sort of blacked out so I don’t even remember what I said.

The speech aside (and hopefully forgotten by all in attendance), I had an amazing time. I was fighting back waterfalls of tears while I was standing up on the alter – and sneaking glances at my handsome boyfriend in the audience. My heart felt like it was going to burst right out of my chest. For the past few years I’ve been a bit of a cynic and was convinced that I didn’t want to get married at all. Let’s just say, my mind has been changed.

Congrats Kateryna and Aiden!

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