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Dressing Your Little Ones Stylishly yet Practically—And for Less

Babies are expensive. There’s no doubt about that. Of course, if you’re nursing then food is free. And if you’re using reusable diapers then you don’t have the cost of disposables to worry about. (But it’s also really gross, in my humble opinion.) The trouble is, your bouncing bundle of joy is going to grow up. You’ll need shoes every couple of months, new tops, outfits every three months, and jackets too. Let’s face it, kids fashion is expensive.

All of this adds up to thousands of dollars over just a few years! If you thought you were going to buy those Prada pumps you had your eyes on, think again. But there has to be a way to keep that bill down. Right?

How to Shop Stylish Kids Fashion for Less

Kids Fashion | The Lady-like Leopard

Know how to choose shoes

As soon as your child can walk, shoes are essential. They need to fit well to protect their feet and avoid any postural problems. You might choose to have them fitted and supplied by a specialist retailer. This can be a good idea for the first couple of pairs, but ongoing it will be a financial burden. Try to keep on top of measuring, but don’t be afraid to pick up your casual footwear from budget sources. You’ll soon see just how scuffed up and worn play shoes can get. And don’t forget how quickly your little one will grow out of them!

Don’t be shy about coupons and vouchers

If you have a large family, you might already be familiar with the idea of vouchers and promo codes to snap up fashion bargains. There are plenty of really good brands jumping on this too. Have a search for Gap Coupons & Promo Codes April 2017 or any other brand you really love that has kids fashion. Chances are you can find a discount big enough to rival the cheaper non-brand stores. Best of all you’re all looking great without breaking the bank.

Kids Fashion | The Lady-like Leopard

Accept your friend’s hand-me-downs

Beyond buying at a discount, there are other ways to dress for less. Preschools and Kindergarten are pretty active places. Clothes will get covered in paint, food, and dirt, no matter how careful your child is. Don’t be too proud to accept clothing swaps or hand-me-downs. If you’re pretty nifty with the washer and dryer, you can help those clothes look like new anyway. Keep the good brands for those social occasions that count.

Keep yourself feeling good too

You might have noticed there is less cash in the pot for your own fashion choices. This doesn’t mean you can’t refresh your wardrobe each season. Why not mix and match your accessories to create a new look? Adding something new to clothes you wore before can really lift the style, and nobody will notice. Sure, you might have to cut down how many new outfits you buy, but you can create new outfits by adding just one or two freshly purchased bits.

Do you love the sales? All of us are guilty of coming back with items we later regret and don’t wear. Use those for your clothing swaps or simply sell them on if you can’t exchange them at the store. When you know the sales are about to start, make a list of the things you actually need and try to stick to it. This will save you from spending on things you later regret.

How do you dress your family for less?

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