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How to Plan the Perfect Getaway When Life Gets Too Hectic

COLLECTING MOMENTS | How to plan the perfect mini-break when life gets too hectic

When life gets hectic and stressful, a mini-break might be just what you need. A couple of days away from it all, exploring somewhere new or a relaxing long weekend in the sun is the perfect chance to unwind and get away from the daily chaos. Plus, having these things to look forward to is always nice. After all, we work hard to be able to have these enjoyable moments. Life is all about collecting moments, right?

Here are some things to bear in mind when you’re planning your break.

How to Turn Collecting Moments into the Perfect Getaway

COLLECTING MOMENTS | How to plan the perfect mini-break when life gets too hectic

How much will you spend?

Knowing how much you have to spend is the first step. You’ll need to budget for the trip itself, plus spending money, transport costs, tickets and things like new clothes and toiletries too if they’re needed. If you work out roughly what you’re working with, it’ll give you a better idea of what kinds of destinations you can afford. It’ll also let you know how soon you can book the trip, since you might need time to save. (Sometimes collecting moments can be just as pricey as collecting things.)

Where will you go?

You’ll need to decide whether you’re travelling to a different state, country or staying a little closer to home. Of course, the further you go, the more likely it’s going to cost so that’s something to keep in mind. Also, if you’re only going to be away for a few days you don’t want to go somewhere that’s too far out or half of your trip will be used up by travelling.

When you’re deciding on a destination, find out the likely weather conditions for when you’re planning on going, and also what kinds of things there are to do. Maybe you have somewhere on your bucket list that you’ve always wanted to visit, or you could simply see if there are any good deals or destinations that catch your eye.

COLLECTING MOMENTS | How to plan the perfect mini-break when life gets too hectic

How will you get there?

If you’re staying closer to home, will you be driving to your destination? Companies like Burswood Car Rentals offer cheap car rentals which is one option if you don’t have a car. If you’ll be traveling by train or plane, how will you get to the airport or train station? If you’re parking this is a cost you will have to factor in. Otherwise, it’s the price of a taxi. If you’re lucky, you might have friends who can take you but make sure it’s all planned and arranged. Don’t leave these important details until the last minute, if you end up stranded it could spoil your trip!

What will you do?

What sort of things do you want to see and do on your break? It doesn’t need to be a minute by minute plan but researching the kinds of things there are to do, will give you the best idea of how to use your time. Some attractions or restaurants might require advance booking, so it makes sense to do what you can ahead of time rather than winging the entire trip.

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