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How to be an Exceptional Maid of Honour at Your Best Friend’s Wedding

It’s your best friends wedding and you don’t want her to be stressed, do you? Let me show you how to be an exceptional maid of honour.

Your Best Friends Wedding/Wedding Fashion - The Lady-like Leopard by Melina Morry

Your best friends wedding is coming up and you’ve been asked to be the maid of honour. Obviously, you’re ecstatic! There are few things in life more exciting than watching the people you love get hitched – and being a part of the celebrations is the cherry on top. If you’re taking on the coveted role of MOH, here are some tips to help be at star at your best friend’s wedding.

How to be an Exceptional Maid of Honour at Your Best Friend’s Wedding

YOUR BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING | How to be the best maid of honour the lady-like leopard melina morry

Planning and preparation

A wedding is, of course, about the bride and groom – but there’s a lot to do. It’s helpful to know that there are people around that are happy to help out. Let your best friend know that you’re available if she needs you. Perhaps she’d like some advice when it comes to deciding between two venues, or she’d appreciate your input with choosing flowers or centrepieces. Get together to chat about ideas, and help her track down dresses, wedding bands or designer cakes.

It’s often the little things that get on top of brides when they’re in the throes of planning. Just when you think you’re getting somewhere, you realize that you’ve still got loads to do! This is where you come in handy.

You can help with making calls, getting quotes, and checking availability. You can also source ideas for decorations, personal touches, and invitations. Look through magazines, search sites like Pinterest, and have a look at what you can find online. If you’re looking for invitations, for example, you can show her designs like those from Pure Invitation wedding invitations.

One of the best things about being maid of honour is organizing the bachelorette party. If you want to the event to be a surprise, sit down with the bride beforehand and get an idea of what she’d like to do. Ask her for a guest list, so that you don’t miss anyone off or invite people she doesn’t see anymore.

Once you’ve got a list of names, you can start contacting guests and throwing around some ideas for dates. Meet with the other bridesmaids, and go through some options for locations and activities. Work out a budget (this one is really important). When you’ve got numbers, you can start planning in more detail, and making reservations. At all times, bear the bride in mind. Remember that it’s not your party! If she didn’t want anything too crazy, don’t organize a wild night on the tiles.

De-stressing and having fun

Planning a wedding can be stressful so try and be there for your best friend, and encourage her to de-stress and have fun. If she’s had a hectic week, get the girls together for dinner, hit the shops, or pop round for a chat after work. Let her offload and rant if she’s stressed out or feeling frustrated. It’s important that you offer a shoulder to cry on or a sounding board. Try and keep her calm, and do something fun to take her mind off spreadsheets and seating plans.

Getting ready for the big day

For most people, their wedding day is the best (and biggest) day of their lives, so it’s important that your best friend looks and feels amazing. In the run-up to the wedding, book some hair and makeup trials, and go along with her to give her advice and help her choose the look she’s going for. Try and keep her relaxed. The night before the wedding, you could book a massage and have a girly night in!

On the day, be there to make her feel calm as she prepares to walk down the aisle. It can be overwhelming when you’re faced with a roomful of people who are all there to see you, and it’s reassuring to have your best friend beside you. Take charge of practical matters, such as holding flowers, arranging the veil, and topping up makeup throughout the day. Finally, have fun together. When your favourite song comes on, spin each other around the floor, or head to the photo booth to get those snaps you’ll display on your fridge for years to come.

Being maid of honour is not something you’ll do every day, so make the most of this responsibility and be the best friend you can be. Planning a wedding can be stressful and time-consuming – your friend may need your help and advice. Be there for her, help her out with wedding-related tasks and try and save her some time and effort.

Away from the spreadsheets and budgets, let her know that you’re there to listen, offer advice or just take her mind off everything and organize a fun catch-up. Make an effort to plan the best bachelorette party ever, be there when she needs you and try and keep the bride calm as the big day approaches. On the day, enjoy every moment and do everything you can to make sure the same applies to her.

Remember, your best friends wedding is all about her and you’re there to make sure it stays that way!

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