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THE LADY-LIKE LEOPARD CITY GUIDE | 3 unique things to do in Thailand

Thailand is already a gorgeous spot to visit and it’s about to get a whole lot more interesting. Here’s why.

unique things to do in thailand

When you are thinking of somewhere to go for your next holiday, Thailand is definitely a place that should spring to mind. After all, the country is full of amazing things which will make for an amazing holiday, whatever your age.

The cities are fantastic to visit if you’re looking to do some sightseeing and shopping and if you want some more adventurous activities, there are lots of options too. There are many unique things you can do in Thailand to ensure you have a fab time! Here’s what.

READY FOR THAILAND | Unique things you should do to have a fab time

READY FOR THAILAND | Unique things you should do to have a fab time the lady-like leopard

Experience the crazy nightlife in Bangkok

One thing you should do while in Thailand is experience the crazy nightlife in the capital city of Bangkok. The nightlife is well-known around the world to be one of the craziest. And it can also make for a memorable night out if you’re willing to brave the crowds.

Some of the best bars are located on the rooftops which give you amazing views out across the city. You can soak in the views while enjoying a cocktail or two. And if you are willing to brave it, you could check out the red light district. It has a wider entertainment scene, so you aren’t just going to get the well-renowned strip clubs.

Just make sure you go with another person and stick together while in Bangkok. And only go inside clubs that are busy as you know they are popular and are going to be safer than quiet bars!

Volunteer at a school

For something a bit different, you might want to do some teaching while you are in Bangkok. After all, you will come away feeling like you have done a good deed if you volunteer at a school for a couple of weeks. While you are teaching them some English, you will pick up some of the Thai language too!

It can help you to become more cultured by spending time in their communities. Teaching isn’t the only thing you can do if you want to volunteer in Thailand. There are lots of other opportunities which will ensure your holiday is a fantastic trip you will never forget.

Go to a gourmet food market

If you have a taste for delicious food, you should opt to go to a gourmet food market while you’re in amazing Thailand. After all, you will get to try all the incredible delicacies they have to offer – you might even find a new favourite food while you’re in the country. One place you could consider going is the Commons Market in Bangkok. With a large market, you can try lots of different foods and find something that tickles your taste buds!

But before you get ready for Thailand, learn some of the basics of the language. After all, it might help you to get directions from the locals and you’ll find the locals will treat you with more respect if you attempt to speak their language first.

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