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How to Save More Money in 2017 (Clue: It’s Really Easy with my Challenge)

Who doesn’t like to save money? Take my money saving challenge and see how easy it is!

money saving challenge

Who doesn’t like to save money? Even me, the self confessed shopaholic. (I may have been told that a few times from other people too.) But seriously, one of my biggest joys is when I log into my online banking and find out that I actually have more money in there than I thought.

What a miracle! That’s where the money saving challenge comes in.

What if I told you that it’s actually a lot easier to save money than you think? Take me for example – I’m writing this blog post at home on a weekend night instead of going out. Sure, I risk #loser status but at least I’m saving money. Suckers.

I’ve teamed up with Earnest to bring you an easy-to-follow chart to show you how to save money this year. Honestly, no one needs to take Uber five times a week with a Starbucks in hand. Also, if you struggle with student loan debt, try looking into options Earnest provides to refinance student loans.

The Lady-like Leopard’s 2017 Money Saving Challenge


money saving challenge - melina morry the lady-like leopard

money saving challenge - melina morry the lady-like leopard


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