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Amazing Texan Spots to Add to Your Bucket List

texas vacation the lady-like leopard

Do you fancy a trip to America in 2017? If you are currently considering this country, you need to start thinking about heading for a Texas vacation. It may not be high up on many travelers’ to-do list (especially since the, uh, election), but there are plenty of reasons you need to have this awesome state on your bucket list.

Still not convinced with heading to Texas next year? Here are some amazing destinations that should change your mind.

Where to Head on Your Texas Vacation

texas vacation the lady-like leopard

El Paso

Located in the furthest Western corner of the state, El Paso is just a stone’s throw from the state of New Mexico and Mexico. So it is the perfect base for those travelers who want to explore both states. And, as it is very close to New Mexico and Mexico, there is also a big Mexican and Spanish influence on the city. There is also plenty of history to discover in the city. For starters, take the Mission Trail hike to explore the area and its exciting historical landmarks and sights.


If you are interested in space travel and the cosmos, then think about hitting the city of Houston. Most famous for its space center, there is no wonder why many families and travelers head to this city to learn more about astronauts and space. Once you have taken a tour of the space center, head into the city center to get a taste of Houston’s amazing foodie scene. You will be able to taste a wide range of cuisines in the city. Think of a country, and you will certainly be able to find a restaurant that specializes in its food! Plus, Beyonce is from here. Enough said.

texas vacation the lady-like leopard


Your expectations of Dallas may just come from the famous 80s TV show. But there is so much more to this amazing city than just oil tycoons in cowboy hats! In fact, Dallas has a large number of art galleries, making it a popular destination for art and culture fans. Contemporary art fans should visit the 500X Gallery, one of Texas’s oldest art collectives. Not too into art? No worries; there is still plenty that you can do in Dallas. Why not go to the Dallas World Aquarium to come face to face with some very intriguing sea life!

Fort Worth

If you want even more art and culture after checking out all of Dallas’s galleries, take a trip to Fort Worth. There is a lot of great art to see in the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. And you can learn plenty about what is was like to be a girl in the Wild West if you visit the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame! If you ever fancy a quiet stroll, check out the Fort Worth Water Gardens. These beautiful gardens have a focus on water so you will be able to see some very impressive water features and ponds!

Thought Texas was just cowboys and huge RVs? Think again! As you can see, there is plenty of reasons why you should book a vacation to Texas in 2017. Remember: everything’s bigger (and maybe better?) in Texas!

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