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Why Whenever I Cut My Hair, It Means My Life is About to Change

Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard, a Toronto-based fashion blogger. November 2016.

I’ve never kept the same hairstyle for too long. In the last five years, I’ve had at least five different hairstyles. From bangs, no bangs, shoulder length, half way down my back, half shaved, long on one side and short on the other, blonde, black, brunette. You name it, my hair has done it. As you can tell, I get the urge to hit the chopping block quite often.

But it’s when I get that sudden urge to cut my hair that I know something is about to change. I’m about to part ways with something in my life. There’s no need trying to fight it. Anyways, I embrace change.

Why Hitting the Chopping Block Equals Major Life Change

Like my hair, my life has seen about five different lives in the past five years too. It all started when I cut my own bangs. Turns out, not a good decision. I don’t regret much in my life but cutting my owns bangs has to be up there.

The last day that I got a yearning to cut my bangs, I broke up with my boyfriend. The next time I decided to spontaneously cut my hair (a modern bob, long on one side, chin length on the other) I began making plans to move to Sydney, Australia.

More recently after experiencing a haircut that reduced me to tears for months (at a Yorkville salon that shall remain unnamed) I had no choice but to let my hair grow. It had gotten pretty long by the time I went to New York City in April and I had been happy with the length.

Or so I thought.

On the morning of my flight, I woke up with an irresistible urge to cut my hair. There wasn’t time to get my hair cut before flying out at Billy Bishop so I was forced to make do with my ‘do.

I couldn’t silence the thoughts of chopping my hair off once arriving in the city of my dreams, so the following day I made an appointment at a random salon on W 13th Street and requested a trim. When asked how much I wanted off the woman replied to me, “Honey, that’s not a trim, that’s a completely new style!”

Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard, a Toronto-based fashion blogger. November 2016.

Something was about to be majorly changed. I just knew it. I hadn’t been as happy as I could’ve been with where I was in life so I decided to take a break, pack up my bags and head back home to Victoria to spend my 25th birthday with the people who matter most to me in the world.

(It was then that I reached out to 25 women who inspire me in every aspect of life and asked them for their best advice for women in their 20s. Seriously, read it.)

The latest cut and the scariest change

For the past few months, things were amazing some days and I was feeling super stressed out others. That’s life. But then I found myself in an environment that wasn’t right.

Sure, we’re not going to love every second of every day (that’s the dream though, isn’t it?) but to feel like I couldn’t be myself and to be working towards something that’s never been a goal of mine – I couldn’t take it. Something had to change.

I was contemplating for a long time what to do. When I’d ask friends and family for advice, most of them gave me the advice I didn’t want to hear: stick it out until something better comes along. I almost agreed with them and thought that I might actually be able to.

Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard, a Toronto-based fashion blogger.

Then I felt the craving to cut my hair off – this time by myself. I was at home and was looking in the mirror at my blunt bob and wasn’t feeling it. Out came a pair of primary school safety scissors (that’s all I had, okay?) and I raised them to my hair. I thought, this could either go really bad or look super cool. 

I started chopping.

My sink was full of hair. There was hair everywhere, actually. But just like the loose ends falling away from my head, I knew there were some other loose ends I needed to take care of in my life. After one more week of contemplation, I decided that was it. I quit.

You know, getting advice from people is all well and good but ultimately you need to follow your own voice and do what’s best for you. No one else is going to be affected by the choices you make more than you are. I’m not the type of person to sit back and wait for “something better” to come along. I believe in taking a risk and making something better happen now.

It was scary as hell to make the decision but guess what? Life goes on. Plus, now I know I’m capable of cutting a pretty cool choppy bob. If all else fails I’ll become a hair dresser (jokes).

Cutting my own hair is a symbol for me that I still – and always will – have control over my life. It’s in my hands to make whatever decision I need to. I’m snipping away the bad, if you will.

What’s the big deal, anyways? Hair always grows back.

Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard, a Toronto-based fashion blogger. November 2016.


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