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LADY-LIKE LEOPARD TRAVEL GUIDE | 5 things you must do in New York City

5 things to do in new york city

Every time I go to New York City, I try to do at least a few things that I haven’t done before or go to places I haven’t been. I mean, New York has so much to offer so why would you want to get stuck in the same old rut? Beats me. So what are 5 things to do in New York City?

On a recent trip to the Big Apple with VANE Airport (my other editing gig) we, of course, made time for all of our business meetings and editing sessions but you can’t have all work and no play – that’s just wrong. So once the work was done we got right into the New York lifestyle.

It’s time to get your passports ready, follow in my Saint Laurent clad footsteps and check out the top 5 things you must do in New York City!

5 things you must do New York City

5 things to do in new york city


5 things to do in new york city. sushi roxx

Eat the best sushi you’ll ever have at Sushi Roxx

Hands down, Sushi Roxx is the most entertaining sushi restaurant I’ve been to. It feels less like you’re dining out and more like you’re having the most amazing sushi at your best friends house party. The waiters double as performers (we had a beautiful serenade of Mariah Carey’s Hero) and the owner, Jason Apfelbaum, regularly makes his way around the tables to make sure everything is as phenomenal as it should be. I can’t wait to go back and try the rest of the menu (Jason sent us out a selection of his favourites – all of which were divine).

5 things to do in new york

Do rooftop yoga with a view of the Empire State Building

This is a great way to calm yourself down from the hustle & bustle of the city. When you’re 15 stories up and striking an impeccable mountain pose, you’ll forget that there are thousands of people rushing to work and fighting over cabs right down there on the sidewalk. Plus, you can #twin with the Empire State Building. Namaste!


Have extremely dirty martinis at Vandal New York

Vandal is a hip, eccentric and artistically decorated bar where you can get a filthy martini and stimulating conversation (I think I had too much of both). The inside boasts an exposed brick interior and floor-to-ceiling graffiti art on the walls. Plus, there are a lot of handsome men in suits that frequent Vandal and can you really go wrong with that? Definitely not.

5 things to do in new york city

5 things to do in new york city

Score amazing designer deals at Beacon’s Closet

I’m all about getting a deal on high-end designer clothing – especially in New York. I stopped into Beacon’s Closet on W 13th Street a couple times during my one week stay in Manhattan. On the first day I scored a Wilfred dress for $14, which was nice, but it was the second time that I really hit the jackpot: Yves Saint Laurent caged heels for $45, Marc Jacobs kitten heels for $25 and a vintage fringed leather jacket with embossed leopard print (I’m very into “being the brand”) for $40. There was so much more but unfortunately my wallet said no.

5 things to do in new york city

5 things to do in new york city

Visit Times Square in a bad ass outfit

Each time I go to New York City a visit to Times Square is a must. People say it’s too crowded and commercialized and whatever, but I like the experience. It’s so vibrant and unlike anything anywhere else in the world. True, this time when I went there I was in a bit of a mood (don’t we all get like that sometimes?) and almost wanted to karate chop someone, but I didn’t, okay?

Until next time NYC – which could be sooner than you think! On my next trip I promise to bring you back even more things to do in New York City.


white neoprene dress | ATELIER GUARIN
white neoprene coat | ATELIER GUARIN
vintage fringed leather jacket | BEACON’S CLOSET
vintage YSL caged heels | BEACON’S CLOSET
black suede bag | SEED HERITAGE

white t-shirt | TOPSHOP
vintage denim | LEVI’S
vintage fringed leather jacket | BEACON’S CLOSET
navy blue + metallic kitten heels | MARC JACOBS