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How to Make Sure You Choose the Best Engagement Ring That You’ll Love Forever

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Getting engaged is an amazing feeling. You probably can’t wait to start planning your big day! Right? Most guys take ages to prepare the proposal and go to a big effort to do it. At least, we hope our guy will. Once you’ve said yes, they often give you an engagement ring. However, some guys decide that you might prefer to pick your own. Here are some tips for choosing your own ring.

5 Tips for Choosing Your Own Ring

choose your own engagement ring

Check your guys budget

You want a special ring which you can show off to everyone, as well as love wearing every day. However, you don’t want to blow your guys budget. After all, he may have spent a fortune on your proposal. Ask him how much he was planning to spend on the ring and stick to that budget. If you find one you love which is over the cost he can afford, why don’t you offer to put some money towards it?

Go to different shops

If you’re picking the perfect engagement ring, you need to go to more than one shop so that you can try on lots of different styles. Try various types and see which one you think is most beautiful and fits most comfortably. Look at different brands such as Verragio and where they are stocked and visit the different stores.

Let your guy help you decide

Although your groom-to-be is letting you choose what engagement ring you like, you should let him help you choose which one you should get. So rather than going with a friend or your parent, arrange for the both of you to go together and find one that you both like. It’s very romantic, and if he’s likely paying for it, he should have a say in which one you get too.

Choose something you love

It’s so important to choose a ring you really love as you will be wearing it for the rest of your life. Remember, you are going to be showing it off to everyone, so you want something that stands out from the crowd. Try on a few and make a short list in your head of your favourites and then go back and try them on again. You will soon make a decision on which one is the best for you.

Get the right size

When choosing your own engagement ring, it means that you can get the correct size for your finger right away. When the guy has already bought it ready for the proposal, it can be embarrassing for them when it doesn’t fit. Therefore, choosing your own means you can pick the one you want and make sure it’s ready to fit your finger correctly.

Go for something to match with your wedding ring

You should be considering the wedding when you choose your own engagement ring. A lot of women want an engagement ring which will be the same material as their wedding ring. As we have talked about previously, you could get a matching wedding set and buy them at the same time. It can save some money and ensures they look fabulous together.

Choosing your own ring can be just as romantic. and it means your groom isn’t under so much pressure to get it right.

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