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CUFFWEAR BY CHRIS ZOWNIR | Men’s accessories for the stylish gentleman

cuffwear by chris zownir - fashion meets technology

Chris Zownir is the epitome of men’s style – classic, stylish and full of old-fashioned nuance. He arrived to D|Bar in Yorkville, the location of our interview, wearing a powder blue fitted suit, a white dress shirt complete with lavender buttons and of course, a pair of star-shaped Cuffwear cufflinks.

The first thought that went through my mind: this man knows how to dress.

If there were someone you trusted to give you menswear tips, Chris Zownir would be the guy. It’s no wonder men all over the globe are taking his styling advice when it comes to accessories – AKA his line of men’s cufflinks, Cuffwear.

But Zownir wasn’t always a men’s fashion connoisseur.

CUFFWEAR BY CHRIS ZOWNIR | Men’s accessories for the stylish gentleman

cuffwear by chris zownir - fashion meets technology

Once upon a time he worked on Bay Street in Toronto with aspirations to break away from the financial world. Then, what started as a moonlighting project during his free hours turned into a full time business: Cuffwear.

“Back in the day it wasn’t okay to talk about men’s style but things have evolved,” says Zownir.

Men are taking more pride in the way they dress and putting more effort into styling their looks just right – and us ladies are taking note.

“I noticed especially when on a date that girls loved cufflinks,” Zownir says of his own habit of adding cufflinks to his French cuffs. You can say that again.

cuffwear by chris zownir - fashion meets technology


Cuffwear is made for the fashionable man, a man who likes to take risks and be bold with his style. Zownir’s cufflinks come in all sorts of designs ranging from anchors, skulls, golf bags and everything in between.

When you’re being restricted in your fashionable-flair, for say professional reasons, cufflinks are a fabulous way to add a punch of personality in a more subtle way than rocking a velvet, patterned suit to the office. You know what I mean?

In the most recent development of Zownir’s fashion endeavor, he’s had Cuffwear put into vending machines at the airport – so now no matter how rushed you were trying to make your flight, you can still pick up the finishing pieces to your look once you get there!

cuffwear by chris zownir - fashion meets technology

Currently, Cuffwear is available at Detroit Metropolitan Airport and soon will be coming to Atlanta International Airport, which Zownir says will be “right in the centre of the busiest airport in the world”.  The Cuffwear vending machines also offer a variety of other menswear products like socks, wallets, collar stays and ties. (Find out more about Cuffwear at the airport here in my article for Vane Airport Magazine.)

So if you’re looking for a fun and playful way to step up your wardrobe game, Cuffwear has heaps of options for you to choose from.

“Everything I do involves a sense of playfulness,” says Zownir. “[The cufflinks] won’t be the most expensive ones you can buy but they’ll be fun.”

And who can say no to a little bit of fun?