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A Look at Various Laser and Non-Laser Beauty Procedures

A Look at Various Laser and Non-Laser Procedures

Since skin is the largest organ in our body and does tremendous things to keep us healthy, it stands to reason that we should take care of our skin the most. A regular skin care regimen may not be enough, however. Not all skin issues are treatable at home. It helps to know some of the procedures your local clinic can provide when needed. Below is a bit of insight into the beauty procedures info you need to know before committing.

Beauty Procedures Info for Various Laser and Non-Laser Treatments

Chemical Peels

Your first thought when you hear of a chemical peel is probably pretty negative. It sounds like nasty chemicals are applied to the skin to make it raw. The truth is that different chemicals are used to treat different conditions, from skin regeneration or wrinkle reduction to a deep cleansing. Treatments can be mild to strong, depending on your skin care needs.

Photo therapy

There are various treatments that use medical lasers like light therapy to treat skin issues. UVB treatments use lamps with artificial ultraviolet light on skin conditions such as psoriasis. LED Photomodulation is another therapy that uses light lamps to rejuvenate skin. Neither of these examples uses lasers.

Light-based Laser Therapy

A light-based laser device uses light energy to target the skin to achieve a specific result. For example, laser hair removal devices target the hair follicle to destroy the roots in order to discourage further hair growth. Infrared lasers target sun damaged skin to rejuvenate the skin cells and replace the damaged ones. Another light-based laser is an excimer laser that delivers high intensity UV light to treat psoriasis, functioning similar to the UVB treatment.

Heat Laser Treatments

Not all lasers use light energy for treatments. The YAG laser uses heat to target the skin in order to reduce spider veins and for hair removal. In addition, it can also be used for skin tightening by heating the cells to induce collagen production. This particular method purportedly targets specific cells without heating the skin surrounding the targeted area.

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Radio Frequency Procedures

Another form of therapy uses sound waves to reduce wrinkles, clear up acne, and tighten skin. By using sound waves, it doesn’t cause harm to the eyes, so allows clinicians to apply to the area around the eyes safely. Light-based lasers cannot do that.

The Next Step

If any of these therapies sounds right to you, your next step needs to be consulting with your dermatologist. Explain to them your skin care concerns and discuss all your treatment options. They can make the best informed recommendation to you for your skin problems. After all, it’s your skin and you need to take care of it.

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