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BLACK ON BLACK STYLE | How to wear ‘the go-to fashion outfit’ and make it interesting

black on black style | the lady-like leopard by melina morry

If you work in the fashion industry, you know there’s a running joke about black on black style being the ultimate fashion person’s go-to look. It’s true – a lot of people who work in fashion lean towards black as a staple wardrobe choice. Come on, it’s simple yet chic and practical yet event worthy. The only flaw is it’s inability to photograph as well as something with colour, but hey, that’s what sharpening an image is for (right???). Or in my case: texture.

For this look here (shot in the Distillery District in Toronto by my friend Lauren of Stylist Nomad) I wanted to try out a head-to-toe black outfit but add a bit of texture to mix things up. I wore a knit turtle neck that I picked up from a thrift shop, black leather Topshop culottes and a wool cape by Michelle Belau.

Okay, fine. The cape is more grey than it is black but you still get the picture.

BLACK ON BLACK STYLE | How to wear ‘the go-to fashion outfit’

When you wear a bunch of black that has similar textures, it can all blend into just a sea of black fabric – and where’s the fun in that? Unless of course you’re going for the it-looks-like-a-jumpsuit-but-it’s-not-really-a-jumpsuit look. Then it works.

So is black on black style really that boring? I don’t think so.












knit black turtle neck | VINTAGE
black culottes | TOPSHOP
grey wool cape | MICHELLE BELAU
black platforms | TOPSHOP
black camera bag | THEIT


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