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Eyebrow Extensions at Toronto’s Newest Hot Spot—The Beauty House

Fashion blogger Melina Morry of The Lady-like Leopard goes to WMCFW s/s 2016. Toronto, October 2015.

When it comes to brows, lashes and ‘sugaring’ (more about that later) The Beauty House in Toronto is the best of the best. Trust me, I’ve been there. Just in time for fashion week beauty prep, I was invited down the The Beauty House to experience first hand what they’re all about.

Eyebrow Extensions at The Beauty House

They’re known for their superior lash extensions but as luck would have it, I’d just gotten mine done a few days earlier – so instead I went for the eyebrow extensions. Yes, eyebrow. I’d never even heard of that but as you know, brows are the defining characteristic of your face, so you better have damn good ones (jokes).

I’m obsessed with brows. I haven’t always gotten them right – at least I admit that – but I figured if anyone could, it’d be the ladies at The Beauty House.

I was so happy with how they turned out. I wish I could have them all the time! It was so refreshing not to have to do a single thing to them during my regular make-up routine. No gel, no powder, no pencils – just perfect brows around the clock.

The ladies at The Beauty House were so welcoming and friendly (and all had perfect brows) too. I would definitely recommend anyone to head on over to The Beauty House for any of your beauty needs. (Book your appointment here.)

Oh, yes, and more about sugaring: it’s “a safe, gentle and more effective way to remove unwanted hair, with the added benefit of removing dead skin cells and conditioning the skin.” Who the hell needs waxing when you have body sugaring?!

Thank you ladies! Hope to be back soon.

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