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HOW TO | Be stylish & simple – plus, shop four looks you can call your own

Once upon a time I used to wear a lot of bold patterns, bright prints and call myself more of an eccentric. I used to buy more “trendy” pieces and later come to find they don’t go with anything I own and I could only get away with wearing them once in a blue moon. I was an empty shopper as I like to say – buying clothes that fill your closet, but still feeling like you have no options. You know what I mean?

HOW TO | Be stylish & simple – plus, shop four looks you can call your own

As I’ve gotten older, my style has evolved to more of a minimalist lover of neutral palettes, neutral colours and items that work well mix & matched with the rest of my closet. I no longer want to buy cheaper, trendier items that will be worn once and worn out. Don’t get my wrong – I’ll still buy that fabulous sequinned blazer that’s one hell-of-a steal, but I’m not going to fill my wardrobe with sequinned blazers.

One thing I’m completely obsessed with right now are lightweight turtlenecks – cropped, fitted, knitted, you name it and I love it. I used Polyvore to style some looks for you using pieces I love (or own) and incorporating my own style into them. (Click on an item to view prices, etc.)

How to be stylish & simple


I just bought this grey Isaac Mizrahi turtle neck last weekend and I’m already planning out every outfit I can possibly wear it with (although, I never wear anything two days in a row). For this look I paired it with a pair of black skinny Nygard jeans, a Roz & Ali white denim jacket, white loafers and a Topshop tote.