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JACQUES MARIE MAGE | The L.A. eyewear brand has landed in Canada

Last week my best friend (up & coming pop songstress Jaimie Lewis) and I threw on our Thursday best – black turtle necks and black pants – and made our way to Kaltenbock Opticians for the preview of Jacques Marie Mage‘s Canadian debut. The Los Angeles based designer has finally brought his vintage inspired, luxury glasses to Canada and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited.

We spent the evening trying on the most fabulous pairs of sunglasses, sipping wine and getting caught snapping selfies. Some of the sunglasses I tried on were about double in price what I pay for rent each month, but can you really put a price on exclusivity? I don’t think so. The glasses are only produced a limited amount of times and are numbered. (Oh yes, I’m wearing #32 out of 75. How fabulous!) 

JACQUES MARIE MAGE | The L.A. eyewear brand has landed in Canada

Jacques Marie Mage is known for his authenticity and use of rich materials – he spares no expense when creating these masterpieces. The spectacles, found exclusively at Kaltenbock Opticians, are all part of the limited edition JMM Eyewear collection, which Jaques has had over 2 decades of inspiration to pull from. It’s easy to see that each pair has a story to tell, but what will be your story when you wear them?

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