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SPRING TREND | Fringe tops (and Chanel fanny packs)

Spring trend alert! This spring seek out your inner cowgirl and try rocking some fringe.

Even though I’ve been a big supporter of the “trend-less” runways and Anna Wintour stating that “trend is a dirty word” – there still has to be some sort of a trend, right? Maybe they don’t even have to be called trends. We can call them “things we love” or something.

Well, this spring I’m loving fringe. It’s come a long way from it’s cowboy days and we saw it sashaying down the runway in all sorts of leathers at World MasterCard Fashion Week and now I’ve found this super cute lace and fringe top at H&M. Could fringe be any cuter?

Yeah, it probably could.

SPRING TREND | Fringe tops (and Chanel fanny packs)

Another thing I’m loving are fanny packs. Not just any fanny pack (god, no) but this Chanel one seems to do the trick. I scored it at a vintage shop in Toronto – adding it to my list of Isabel Marant, Calvin Klein and DKNY that I’ve found at vintage shops too.

What I’m wearing:

lace and fringe top | H&M
distressed denim | H&M
houndstooth wool coat | ZARA
fanny pack | VINTAGE CHANEL
ankle boots | WINDSOR SMITH
all jewellery | VINTAGE


All photos by Samia Salauddin. 

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