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DAY 5 AT WMCFW | Wearing Nine West, denim and vintage beads

For the final day of World MasterCard Fashion Week I decided to bring out the big guns. By big guns I of course mean this beautiful, vintage, ocean blue beaded gown. Have I ever told you the story about this fabulous dress? Well, I bought it from Kind Exchange in November for a bargain price of $45. I had absolutely no intention of buying a beaded dress when I set out on Queen West that afternoon, but hey, aren’t those the best purchases?

DAY 5 AT WMCFW | Wearing Nine West, denim and vintage beads

I’ve been saving it for an extra special event. I figured that the last day of my first full Toronto Fashion Week plus Fashion Magazine’s fashion week awards qualified for the occasion. I swear this dress was made for the times when women had other women dressing them.

There is a clasp at the neck which you can barely reach your arms to because the material is so fragile and then there are little clasps on each wrist that are impossible to do alone. (Not to mention impossible to get them undone when trying to take off the dress.)

It was horribly windy and about -20 when we were trying to take photographs outside. I could barely feel my hands when I returned to the “warmth” of the tent (honestly the tents weren’t that warm either).

I was going for a casual-glam look. I wanted the dress to be the main feature so I paired it with a vintage denim jacket, a mini backpack and Nine West heels. Okay, so the backpack for sure wasn’t my first choice and I would have gone for a cute clutch if only I hadn’t had to bring my camera with me and then go straight to the awards. Oh well, you live and you learn (hopefully).

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