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DAY 4 AT WMCFW | Hilary MacMillan, Farley Chatto and Rudsak

Day four of WMCFW had me literally running down the sidewalk to make it to Hilary MacMillan’s fall/winter 2015 show. I managed to make it with about a minute to spare – slightly sweating as I sat down in a front row seat. I suppose you could say I was running fashionably late but mostly I was just running late.

DAY 4 AT WMCFW | Hilary MacMillan, Farley Chatto and Rudsak

Hilary MacMillan

I’m always a fan Hilary MacMillan but this collection especially with the fur and the leather and the whites on even whiter whites. I could imagine myself wearing almost everything in one way or another. I could practically build a whole new wardrobe just using pieces from this collection. The whole atmosphere at the show was fabulous as well. I really loved the live music by St. Royal – very nice touch and great performers (check out St. Royal here). Congratulations Hilary on a beautiful show! Here are my top ten favourite looks.

Isn’t that a great collection?! Now, before we continue with the show business, here are some fun shots my friends and I took between shows! You’ve gotta get out there between 5 and 6 for the best lighting. You can read more about my outfit here.

Farley Chatto

Farley Chatto had some of the best fur coats I’ve ever seen! The end of the show left me with an urge to lay them all out on a king size bed and wrap myself in them and maybe take a little nap. (That was the exhaustion of fashion week talking.) Here’s are my five favourite coats from Farley Chatto.


There were so many good things about Rudsak (not to mention the celeb filled front row, like Elisha Cuthbert!) that left me checking my bank account to see how many pieces I could actually afford. I recently read a quote about photographers disliking black because it has no depth to it in photographs or something. The exception to the rule being if there is lots of texture – which Rudsak did beautifully. These are my top ten picks.

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