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DAY 4 AT WMCFW | Wearing Topshop, THEIT, Priestess & Nine West

For day four of World MasterCard Fashion Week I wore a combination of army green, leopard print and gold jewelry. I think I would say that this was my favourite look of the week. I tried out a (faux) septum ring in public for the first time too and was surprised by how many people thought it looked great. (I also got an email from my grandparents begging me to tell them it wasn’t real – and it’s not, so there you go.)

I was in the biggest rush of all time getting to the tents! I had been filming a video for THEIT Bags and completely lost track of time. I ended up having to run down the sidewalk in my pointed toe heeled Nine West boots, sweating a little in my brand new Topshop dress. What a disaster.

DAY 4 AT WMCFW | Wearing Topshop, THEIT, Priestess & Nine West

I ended up making it to my seat in the front row at Hilary MacMillan just in time for the lights to dim. The craziest thing happened after the show. I was gathering up my things when my friend Syed (The Prep Guy) came over and said he had three girls who wanted to meet me. I was so delighted and super shocked.

They said they loved The Lady-like Leopard blog and YouTube and follow my stuff all the time. They also invited me to a fashion show they’re doing in April – how cool is that?! Things like that make putting endless hours in blogging completely worth it.


dress | TOPSHOP
ankle boots | NINE WEST
faux fur coat | TOPSHOP
camera bag | THEIT

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