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DAY 2 AT WMCFW | Narces, Melissa Nepton and David Dixon

This collection was beautiful, stunning, feminine – I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Each piece that came swaying down the runway was more gorgeous than the last. Well, that’s not really fair. Each piece was just as gorgeous as the last. The beaded details were to die for and the lipstick smooch print was so flirty and cute – especially because the model sporting the first smoochy dress had a huge grin on her face the whole way down the runway. Congrats Nikki Wirthensohn on a fabulous collection!

This was the firs time I had seen a Melissa Nepton collection live! I have no intention of ever letting the memory of these clothes out of my head – or my closet for that matter because I plan on spending my Peru airfare on the sweatsuit one-piece (sorry mom, perhaps I won’t be coming after all… kidding). I’m obsessed with sports luxe and Melissa Nepton did it better than ever! As you know, I’m also obsessed with grey and paired together with that pale salmon was just perfection.

This year marked the 20th year that David Dixon has been sending beautiful garments down the runway! That means he’s done about 40 shows in total during his career – that’s a lot of fresh ideas and creations. He’s had a very successful career in the industry and he proved last night that he will continue to have one. I loved the different themes going on in the collection – pretty whites mixed with brooding blacks mixed with all sorts of textures and cut-outs. It was dark and it was beautiful.

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