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DAY 1 AT WMCFW | Mikhael Kale, Sid Neigum and Pink Tartan

World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto is finally here! This is my first time attending almost every show and every day. You know what’s kind of funny? Last year at this time I was volunteering backstage at WMCFW wishing that I was dressed up all cute, attending shows and mingling with the fashion crowd – and look, here I am.

When I worked backstage at WMCFW I was 2 weeks into living in Toronto. Now I’ve been here for a year and I can honestly say that this was such a good move to make! I wasn’t sure how life here would turn out (is anyone sure?!) but I’m doing what I love. You can’t really ask for more than that, can you?

So anyways, after the FGI awards luncheon I took in Mikhael Kale, Sid Neigum and Pink Tartan with some fellow bloggers and fashionistas. Scroll down to see photos from Mikhael Kale and Pink Tartan. I regret to say that I didn’t take any photos at Sid Neigum! Maybe I forgot, maybe I was too absorbed in the collection, I don’t know. I can tell you that it was very good though! Anyways, check out the rest and see y’all later.

DAY 1 AT WMCFW | Mikhael Kale, Sid Neigum and Pink Tartan


This collection was like a dream come true – literally. Only in my dreams have I seen so many colours, textures and strategically placed cut-outs paired together and look so incredibly fabulous. My jaw was scraping on the floor as I left this show. I can just imagine having to buy a bigger apartment to fit all the Mikhael Kale clothes I intend to buy… My favourite pieces have got to be the ones that mix fur and beading. Although, the circle cut-out leather coat is a close second.


I was particularly impressed with the furs at Pink Tartan. The way that vests were worn backwards and belted was a fantastic detail of the show as well. The chunky knit sweaters and beanies looked like just what I needed as I froze to death outside in a not-so-cozy leather trench. This collection was the definition of being fashion forward while keeping things simple – and far from boring.


knit top | ZARA
checkered pants | CLUB MONACO
strappy sandals | TOWN SHOES
leather trench coat | W&J WILSON
camera bag | THEIT

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