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SHOP LOCAL | 5 hot Toronto designers you need to know now

I’m all for discovering and promoting fresh & local talent – we’ve all got to help each other out here people! – and today I have five marvellous Torontonian designers for you to be amazed by. Thanks to Runway Crush for rounding up this talented bunch.

“We love Toronto and what better way to show our love for the community than to showcase the amazing talent of our local designers,” Julia Leitch Church, CEO of Runway Crush, says.

“Be local and buy local. Our goal at Runway Crush is to help fashion forward consumers discover local designers they might not have found otherwise because where we shop and even what we wear is what makes our community unique.”

Amen to that.

SHOP LOCAL | 5 hot Toronto designers you need to know now

1. Ocean Avenue, Julianna Haveman
Casual, affordable and stylish clothing and accessories inspired by the West Coast beaches and outdoors.

Why she loves Toronto: “It’s a place where people value locally made items and support Canadian designers.”


2. Silver Sparklings, Gianna Seca
Simple, elegant & affordable designer jewelry handcrafted using sterling silver and crystals by Swarovski.

Why I love Toronto: “I live in downtown Toronto and I have an amazing view of my beautiful city. Toronto is my home and part of who I am!”

3. Anu Raina, Anu Raina
One of a kind Silk scarves and separates featuring original and chic prints.

Why she loves Toronto: “I fell in love with the warm and big heart of this great city. There is no place quite like Toronto in the whole wide world.”

4. Hatitude, Amparo
Sophisticated and unique handcrafted hats and embellishments containing the finest fabrics and exquisite attention to details.

Why she loves Toronto: “I love Toronto because of the diverse neighbourhoods and the lake which provides lovely vistas from so many points in the city.”

5. Made for Margaret, Stephanie
Semi-precious jewelry that carries transformative energy, beauty and rarity at an affordable price.

Why she loves Toronto: “Well, lets be honest, it really is the capital of Canada. It’s by far the best city to live in!”


This article was contributed by Runway Crush.

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