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Day 1 at TOM*FW feat. shows by Just Ta and Joao Paulo Guedes

I started out the week at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week by seeing collections by Just Ta and Joao Paulo Guedes – both captivating yet entirely different (we’ll get to that later). I was annoyed with my work schedule only allowing me to see the final shows of the day, but you know what they say, save the best for last. 

For Day One I wore a dress that I made for my final collection at Pacific Design Academy some 3 or 4 years ago and layered two trench coats on top – one light beige one from H&M and one burgundy leather one from W&J Wilson. I wore Kate & Mel heels from Town Shoes and carried The Bossi bag from Theit Bags.

My friend and menswear accessories designer Sultan Sandur of Just Sultan teamed up with Pekota Designs to create a line of steel bow ties that were launched on the first day of TOM*FW as well. They’re the coolest bow ties I’ve ever laid eyes on! I definitely see one of those in my #OOTN future.

Just Ta by Alan Ta
This collection captivated me in two ways: the textured fabrics and the beastly eyebrows. I’m not sure which one I saw first but they both stood out (literally, the eye brows were a standing a couple inches from the face). The show was dramatic, as were the clothes, and designer Alan Ta made his final walk with a bouncy little dog accompanying him. It was rather cute.

Joao Paulo Guedes
I remember seeing Joao Paulo Guedes at TOM* Fashion Week last year and feeling glad when he won the start up menswear designer award. His collection this year impressed me even more. It was the perfect end to the first day of shows and left people with an excited buzz to continue the night. I briefly congratulated Guedes over champagne and vodka sodas at Parlour following the end of TOM*FW Day one. I hope I’ll have a chance to discuss his collection further and bring you guys some exclusive content soon!

Runway shots by Shayne Gray Photography. All other shots by The Lady-like Leopard.

XX Melina Morry


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