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TRAVEL DIARIES | Sasha Leah Nails: The best place for a leopard print manicure in Victoria, BC

A leopard print manicure? That’s right up my alley. So how did this come about from a person who usually sticks to neutral nails? Let me tell you.

Getting my nails done is one of my favourite ways to spend a relaxing afternoon – unless your manicurist has no idea what they’re doing and then it gets a little stressful. Thankfully I didn’t have to worry about that this time. My good friend, Sasha, recently started her at-home esthetics business Sasha Leah Nails & Waxing and she’s amazing!

I’m used to getting rather plain nails (nude, black, white, grey or red are my go-tos) but Sasha is a nail art master so I decided to go a little crazy. The first thing she suggested was a leopard print manicure – I couldn’t say no! I’m so happy with the way my nails turned out and definitely would recommend that you have Sasha do your nails when you’re in Victoria, BC.

Here’s a look at my leopard print manicure process!

Check out her Facebook page for prices and services.


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