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PHOTO DIARY | Ringing in the new year from Vancouver, BC


I can’t believe that 2014 is over – what a crazy year it was. I spent the first month finishing my year long stay in Australia, moved back to Victoria, BC, bought a one-way ticket to Toronto and then ended up going back and forth from TO to Victoria four times during the year.

My blog also started taking off and I made a ton of friends along the way. Although there were plenty of negatives, I prefer to let the positives shine through and overall 2014 was a year to remember.

I spent New Years Eve in Vancouver with two of my beautiful blonde friends, Rae and Jordan. It was so good to get out of Victoria for a night and have laughs, champagne and matching fur #OOTNs with some of my good girlfriends. Unfortunately we didn’t get many photos – guess we were too busy living in the moment.

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years Eve and makes all their dreams come true in 2015.


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