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WEARING WHITE TO A WEDDING | A free for all or saved for the bride?

Remember a few months ago I did a post about wearing white to a wedding that’s not your own? I had some pretty mixed reviews from people – some saying it was totally fine, but more than half saying absolutely, definitely, never, ever wear white to a wedding that’s not your own. Some said it was tacky and it was wrong to take the spotlight away from the bride. I say it’s cool, but then again, I feel like I do a lot of things (fashion related) that people don’t approve of.

But now we have a new catch to the question. As everyone in the world already knows, Solange Knowles got married this week and Beyonce wore white to the wedding. Considering she’s the Queen Bey and has a wild amount of influence over people, do you think that people will change their minds into thinking it’s fine to wear white to a wedding? True, everyone was wearing white but still, you’ve got to wonder.

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Melina Morry, fashion blogger at The Lady-like Leopard.


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