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How to bring 90s minimalism into 2015

Bringing the 90s minimalism look into 2014 was huge this summer and it’s continuing to be this fall as well – has anyone else noticed the insane amount of platform boots in stores lately? Fortunately for everyone it doesn’t look like the 80s are making much of a comeback but I think 90s is going to be here for a while.

Now, you don’t have to go as all out 90s as I did here. This was more to emphasize a point. In fact, you could take either of the items I’m wearing – choker, plaid, leather jacket, platforms – and call your outfit “90s inspired”. Pretty simple, hey?

Other items that work really well for a modern yet 90s look are graphic tees, sneakers and distressed denim. Throw everything together for an outfit that screams 90s baby – even if you were barely born then – or mix and match 90s pieces with more current pieces.

Photos: Morgan Cross Photography
Outfit: H&M kimono, GUESS leather jacket, vintage choker, vintage belt and Topshop platforms.

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