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The best sneakers for fall

I’m kind of over flats. Is that wrong to say? I’m just so bored of them. This is excluding ‘flats’ with a little heel though. You know, like the ballets with a chunky gold block on the bottom? Those I like. But if it’s going to be just a plain old boring black flat, I think I’ll pass. I’m much more of a heels girl – my friend once told me that he doesn’t think he’s ever seen me in a flat shoe.Β Perfect.

Sneakers are a different story.

As the new fashion contributor for the blog Secrets of a Twenty Something, I recently wrote an piece about the statement sneakers being a hot fall trend (read it here). Now I’m going to show you a few of my personal favourites. I’m going to buy one of these pairs in the next couple days. Can you guess which one it is?

1. Aldo + Dana, metallic purple sneakers, $70. Shop here.

2. Adidas SL Loop Runners, $85. Shop here.

3. Windsor Smith, Ocelot pony sneakers, $99. Shop here.

4. Zara, grey leather trainers, $79. Shop here.

5. Nike, black women’s running shoe, $130. Shop here.

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