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SUMMER SUNNIES | The pair of sunglasses you might be missing

A good pair of sunglasses can make or break an outfit – and with sunny days still here and around the corner, you better start searching for the perfect pair. That is, if you don’t already own them. Fun, flashy sunglasses are awesome (and definitely necessary) but what people forget to purchase are often the most important ones: a pair to wear with professional attire.

Imagine your boss taking you out for a patio lunch and your only options are: 1. Being blinded by the sun or 2. Pairing your blazer with pink, blinged-out, sparkly glasses that say #yolo on the side. If that’s not a horrifying thought I don’t know what is. Ok, that is a bit of an exaggeration – I hope – but you get my point.

It’s a common assumption that professional attire means expensive attire, but that’s not the case with sunglasses. They don’t need to be expensive; they just need to be simple.

Everyone needs at least one pair of sunglasses that’s a solid, regular colour and can be paired with anything. Of course, this doesn’t mean they can’t have a little spunk – keep your choice original by playing with the frame or shape.

Best sunglasses for your face shape

Oval – Lucky you, you can pull off almost every shape! Go for aviators though, as not a lot of face shapes can flawlessly pull off this look.

Round – Go for square or angled glasses to add definition to your softer face shape. You definitely can’t go wrong with some Ray-Bans.

Heart – Cat eyed sunglasses pair perfectly with a heart shaped face, they play up your eyes and create a more balanced shape.

Square – Try round sunglasses to play up your awesome jaw line. They’re very vintage and very in.


Melina Morry, fashion blogger at The Lady-like Leopard.

This article was written by Emma Reading for The Lady-like Leopard. 



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