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For all those fashion lovers out there, we’ve got the best fashion app for you. Check out more here!

The hashtag #ootd (meaning outfit of the day, but of course you already knew that) has over 35 million results when you search it on instagram. That’s an insane amount of outfits. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to organize them all? Well, there is – sort of.

Guest blogger Rachel Sawicki tells us why we should download the new outfit organizing, wardrobe flaunting app Wear Today now.


The best app for fashion lovers – Wear Today

Wear Today is a sensational app for the fashion world. It’s like a journal where you can post your outfits of the day (#ootd). But not only can you post pics of your daily styles, you can connect with other fashionistas. A great way to break into the fashion industry is by networking and this app is a great way for people with a passion for fashion to get involved.

The app itself acts like a digital closet, storing photos of your previously worn outfits. This is perfect so you’re never stuck on what to wear – just browse your past outfits to get a little inspiration. Unless you have a weird thing about outfit repeating, in which case you’ll love that Wear Today keeps track of how many times you’ve worn a particular garment.

Each photo tags each article of clothing, making it simple to go back and find what you’ve worn. What can be better than that? It erases the common phrase ‘I have nothing to wear’ because the app shows you have a whole closet of things to wear!

I think all fashion gurus can agree that one of the most irritating things of uploading a photo is trying to get the perfect picture. Normally, it’s almost impossible to take a perfect photo as there’s not always someone around to take it. Although taking ‘selfies’ is a viable option, it doesn’t always suffice.

Wear Today eliminates the struggle of trying to get an amazing photo by having it’s own self timer! Full body photos are a breeze and they can be cropped or edited if one pleases to do so. The photo can then also be shared on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Brilliant? I say yes!

There are many fashion lovers already using the app and so many inspiring outfits available at your fingertips. Wear Today is great for both females and males looking for a little inspiration or just to browse for fun.

Post written by Rachel Sawicki for The Lady-like Leopard.



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