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TRAVEL DIARIES | New York City Part 9

Well, here we have it. My last day in New York City. We went out for brunch again to the fabulous Mari Vanna for their delicious Russian buffet and endless mimosas and then all headed off to do our own things. I went shopping and walking around the garment district. I planned on buying some clothing and/or shoes but I ended up buying lip gloss and stationary. I feel old and boring saying that the most exciting thing I purchased was stationary, but seriously, it’s really cool – silver glitter on one side and white on the other. I then went and sat in Madison Square park to write a couple letters before heading back to the condo. (I feel so old fashioned saying that.)

I’m so annoyed that I didn’t get to see the Jeff Koons yesterday either. I thought instead I would check out the history of textiles exhibit at FIT but when I walked there I saw they weren’t open on Sundays. At least I got an interesting walk on the way there – I saw a man sitting in a phone booth talking into his hand as if he were pretending it was the telephone…

The drive home was horrendously long. We didn’t get back to the Toronto penthouse until after 5am. We had to drive through a couple storms which really set us back for time – so brutal. I’m now on my 12th day straight of nannying and I could use a weekend at the spa.