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TRAVEL DIARIES | New York City part 7

This sunny and scorching day #7 in New York City started out with a steaming cup of Donut Shop coffee, blueberries in plain Greek yogurt and the latest issue of Vogue Magazine. Did I mention that I came across the Conde Nast building the other day, where my beloved Vogue is created? I thought I had seen the location of my future workplace but I’ve come to learn that Conde Nast is planning on moving their offices to 1 World Trade Center. Check out this article from The Cut about how far a Conde Nast employee can walk in heels – I think I could walk farther.

I worked until 2pm today and then was told I could have about 5 hours off to do whatever I pleased. I’m usually not very well prepared for these spur of the moment breaks but the other night before bed I had been googling vintage shops in my neighbourhood and created a little list for the off chance that I would have enough time to explore around. The first on the list turned out to be nonexistent – or perhaps it was invisible? I didn’t bother searching. Next up was a fabulous place called New York Vintage. Have you heard of it? I’m so glad I stumbled across this diamond of a shop.

You have to ring a doorbell and have someone buzz the door open to let you in – cool, right? (On another note: that’s the second place so far I’ve come across in NYC where you have to ring/knock to be let in.) The first thing I noticed was the ginormous glass case to my right displaying all sorts of vintage jewellery, mostly Chanel. There were a pair of gold Chanel earrings that I’m dying for: interlocking Cs stud with a thick gold hoop attached – very Samantha Jones.

The racks were exploding with every designer you could imagine: Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Versace, Saint Laurent, Gianfranco Ferre, Emanuel Ungaro, Christian Dior, Chanel. Each touch of the different garments sent a beautiful feeling through my body. I felt like I was on a total fashion high. Some people do drugs, I do designer. I found this incredible blue ombre velvet skirt by Tom Ford for Gucci that took my breath away as I pulled it from the rack. And the shoes… Don’t even get my started on the shoes.

I was talking with one of the gentlemen working at the time – they’ve been there for 14 years and have collected thousands upon thousands of vintage designer pieces. He showed me the back room where the walls were lined floor to ceiling with boxes filled with more clothes and a girl sat at a table sorting through a fraction of them. There was also an upstairs to the shop which you can only go to by appointment and it’s only for industry people.

I told him I was a fashion writer and he offered to set me up with an appointment if I need to rent any clothing for an article/inspiration! They’ve styled so many celebrities from Beyonce, Michelle Obama, the Olsen twins and Lady Gaga for red carpet events and magazine photo shoots. I think stylist may be my new dream career… I got their business card and hopefully will do an interview with them for one of my Fashion Friday interview segments.

I’m now sitting at Starbucks blogging, enjoying my 3rd coffee of the day plus 3 scones that I was connived into buying (well, no actually I just have really weak willpower and when he said it’s 3 for whatever price I said sure and ate them all…), listening to Neil Diamond and waiting for the call from my bosses to get back to nannying. I only have a few more days left in NYC and then it’s back to Toronto.