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TRAVEL DIARIES | New York City part 6

I finally had 2.5 hours to myself today – no child, just me – to do whatever I pleased. I thought about going shopping but the workaholic in me took over and I ended up sitting on the rooftop of my condo editing some work and writing new articles. It felt good to be back in my blogging space. Where better to spend a couple productive hours than a New York rooftop anyways? I didn’t get a mass amount done though because I kept getting distracted by the view and the fact like Miranda and Orlando used to live in the penthouse. Would Flynn and Boo have been friends? Would Miranda and I have gone on a play date with the kids? Well, her nanny and me at least.

When lunch time rolled around, I found myself to still be alone. Imagine that! I got to go out and eat by myself – something which I normally would cringe at but being on my own after looking after a child 24/7 for 6 days straight had me happy enough to brave the solo meal. I ate a pesto chicken sandwich and drank coconut water from Green Cafe on 6th Ave & 17th St and it tasted deliciously similar to a little bit of freedom.

The afternoon was spent with the little one and we had a fabulous time at the Union Square park. On our way home we saw this incredible singer performing in the middle of the square with just a keyboard. When she sung If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys I actually had goosebumps. Both Boo and I were totally mesmerized just standing there listening to her sing. Then we were off to buy the latest issue of Vogue – 2.5 issues later than the one I’m currently reading. I really need a Sunday afternoon by the pool reading and sipping iced coffee, sangria and/or pink lemonade.