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TRAVEL DIARIES | New York City Part 4

Instead of doing a pub crawl – for obvious reasons – Boo and I did a park crawl today. We had cherries at Union Square, veggie sticks at Bryant and coconut water at Central. It was incredibly hot today and I made a sweating mess of my Club Monaco dress, H&M kimono and Jeremy Scott sneakers. I’m sitting on the couch now in my Wu-Tang NYC tee and fleecy black track pants eating the most delicious piece of salmon I’ve ever tasted and half watching Justice League – herΒ choice, not mine.

The carousel at Bryant Park was probably the highlight of our park crawl. SheΒ loved it so much that we went on it three times – then she said she felt dizzy. Our last stop was Central Park. We tried to go to the Victorian Gardens Amusement Park but unfortunately it was too late and everything was closed. I did end up getting this gorgeous photo of the view back to the city so it wasn’t totally a waste of a walk. Although, my legs were ready to fall off by that time after miles and miles of walking. (Hey look at me, using miles in America. Maybe I am a New Yorker.)

I noticed that the Starbucks where I grabbed my iced caramel macchiatoΒ this morning is open until midnight and I had planned on going there after finishing work to get some articlesΒ scheduled, but unfortunately I didn’t get off until almost 11pm – and by getting “off work” I mean that’s when we got home. I’m never really off. I’ve been working like mad and all I want to do at the end of the day is snuggle in my queen sized bed and fall asleep after watching a Desperate Housewives re-run. But being in New York for the week is totally worth any exhaustion that may be coming over me.

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