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Wearing white to a wedding… that’s not your own

Lover.ly, a fabulous one-stop-shop bridal website, has asked me to contribute to their latest debate: Is it okay to wear white to a wedding when you’re not the bride? I sure am glad they asked because I do have quite an opinion. For all you traditional folk out there reading this post, you might want to brace yourself.

I think it’s perfectly acceptable to wear white to a wedding – in fact, I would applaud it (and do it myself). I don’t see why the bride should be the only woman allowed to wear white. Let’s face it, the traditional meaning of marriage and the “white dress” seems more like a thing of the past now anyways – we’re modern brides. Besides, everyone should know who the bride is. If you’re wondering oh my gosh, there are so many women in white which one is the bride?! you probably shouldn’t have gone to that wedding in the first place.

Recently I came across some photos from an all-white wedding. Yes – the groom, the bride and every guest was wearing white. It looked fabulous. That’s something I would consider doing for my wedding – although, I wouldn’t want my guests to feel restricted to a certain colour either.

Nowadays with brides opting away from white more and more, white should be free for anyone to wear. Jessica Biel wore a pink dress and Shenae Grimes wore black – does that mean those two colours would be off the guest list too? No. If you feel uncomfortable wearing white but want to, just check with the bride first to see if she’s okay with it. Otherwise, here are some gorgeous options for your summer wedding attire.

 Left: Mystic Eyelet Dress, $59 Right: Zimmermann Backbeat Embroidered Dress, $625

Left: Pink Tartan Silhouette Dress, $395 Right: Herver Leger Scalloped Bandage Dress, $1,690

Left: BHLDN Fresh Blossom Dress, $220 Right: Club Monaco Davie Bow Cocktail Dress, $249

I want to know what your opinion is on wearing white to a wedding. Comment below and share your fashion savvy thoughts with me! Plus, shop some fabulous wedding looks from Lover.ly here. x


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