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R.I.P to my lawfully wedded… purse

Almost a year ago at Vogue’s Fashions Night Out in Sydney, Australia I got up on a stage with a “priest” and married a red crocodile purse in front of an audience and a jazz musician (see the video here). I vowed to wear this bag to death and I’m proud to say that I honestly have. Unfortunately, we’re in a point in our marriage where it’s time to go our separate ways – him to the trash bin and me to the mall.

The clasp is coming loose, the buckle has fallen off, the chain strap is now jazzing up another crocodile bag – this happened after we separated – and it’s just unable to withstand the pressures of being my favourite purse anymore. For someone who doesn’t entirely believe in marriage at all, it was a large step for me to take those vows in the first place.

I remember why I fell in love: the combination of gold and red plus the smoothness of it’s crocodile exterior had me at first glance. But, I know there are plenty of purses in the sea, so here’s to my next wedding and partner in style.

XX Melina Morry


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